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Happiness in Business

Everyone wants to be healthy and happy.
Healthy and happy employees are the basis of a successful company.
Healthy and happy employees are more efficient, dedicated and effective.

Businesses must be successful.
Companies strive for effectiveness, growth, and profitability.
Companies need motivated, reliable employees and must be an attractive employer.

Everyone has to do their part.
Success and fulfillment in the job are based both on the empowerment by the company
and on the individual responsibility to live and work healthily and happily.

We will show you how it works.

Learn together to understand yourself, everyone involved, and your environment.
Learn to consciously shape your lives and to walk together toward success.

Learn Happiness!

A sustainable investment in healthy employees
and a healthy corporate culture.

Happiness is the best accelerator for personal and business growth!

Our offer is aimed at


live and work
healthy and happy


Positive cooperation
through healthy
thinking and acting


effective and desirable
toward success

Are you interested in

coaching, workshops, seminars for people, teams and businesses,
or in a keynote speech?

Contact us now.
Together we will find the right offer for you.

About us

Raffaello Palandri

Happiness Coach & Writer,
20 years of successful consulting for companies and governments,
master of Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong, eastern Martial Arts and Philosophy


Yourself, Understood
Free to Achieve, the book

Daniel Rieth

Perspective & Founder Coach,
20 years of practical experience in the international startup and corporate world, starter of the social platform TRÄUMEN & MACHEN, impulse-giver and catalyst for communication and teamwork



Together we will create for you a unique, effective coaching offer!


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